Miami Augmented Reality Video Marketing

There is a revolution in media that is about to change everything.

We are living in a revolution that’s about to change the way we interact and consume media. No longer is content going to be limited to a small screen that we have to look at, but now it will surround us, create worlds, and open whole new opportunities for commerce, marketing, and entertainment.

Augmented Reality (AR) is mixing the real world with the digital world creating a whole new category called Mixed Reality.

Virtual Reality (VR) is allowing us to enter fully digital environments and experience worlds first hand that previously were confined to a monitor on your desk.

360 Video is allowing us to capture the world in its full glory so it can be later experienced by anyone.

Here, at Decographic, we are pioneering Miami augmented reality and 360 video marketing solutions, and finding ways to leverage them for your business.

Digital Media Services

Augmented Reality (AR)

New technologies like Apple’s ARKit, Google’s ARCore and Vuforia.

Virtual Reality (VR)

We can develop virtual experiences and new worlds with VR headsets like Oculus and HTC Vive.


Capture Aerial shots and cinematic sequences using drone technology.

HoloLens/Mix Reality

The Hololens is one of the most advanced Mix Reality headsets.

Marketing Activations (AR/VR/MR)

Spice up your events with this exciting new technology.

360 Immersive Video

Create fully immersive video that can be viewed on any device.

The virtual reality market could be worth $30 billion by 2020

Virtual Reality (VR)

VR is no longer a sci-fi dream, it is a reality that will become an integral part of your marketing strategies.

Virtual Reality creates a completely new world around you, it puts you inside the experience. VR is no longer a sci-fi dream, it is a reality that will become an integral part of your marketing strategies. Today, all of the tech giants are introducing their own headsets with offerings from Google, Oculus, HTC Vive and Microsoft in partnership with ACER and HP. Decographic is currently working in several applications of VR including Virtual art galleries, marketing events and community outreach programs where we bring this technology to the masses for education purposes.

How Virtual Reality is Changing Our Lifestyles

Some applications are:
-360 VR Immersive Video
-Product Demos and Experiences.
-Virtual Walkthroughs of Spaces.
-Virtual Art Galleries
-VR High Fidelity Environments.

Why You Should Hire a Virtual Reality Agency


HoloLens Mixed Reality

Mix Reality, the world is your canvas

The current leader in Augmented Reality / Mix Reality is Microsoft’s Hololens. It is a fully wireless system that runs Windows in a holographic environment. We are pioneering new applications on this platform that allows you to mix digital objects with your environment.

Some applications are:
– Real Estate Architectural Visualizations.
– Entertainment and Games
– Learning Applications
– Product Demonstrations and Demos


360 Immersive Video

360 video allows you to capture an entire scene in all its glory, allowing you to showcase any space almost as if you were there.

Why You Should Use 360 Video for Your Business


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