Video Production

Video is one of the most effective tools to get your message across in a world saturated with information. It can give you an advantage over your competitors and allow your business to stand out.


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Reliable, Convenient & Custom Video Production Services in Miami & South Florida

Producing the right type of video for the right platform can give you an advantage over your competitors and allow your business to stand out in a crowded market. Video engages your audience and brings them closer to your brand. Engaging your audience can create an emotional connection that no other form of media can achieve.

Corporate Video Production

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We specialize in producing stunning 4K videos tailored to promote your products, services, and properties.

  • Construction and building development

  • Company profiles highlighting facilities or teams in action

  • Residential and Commercial Real Estate
  • Insurance companies and public safety

  • Conservation efforts Agriculture, and more!

The trusted marketing agency for startups, professional businesses and more:

What type of video do you need?


Video Production
Marketing campaigns, social media pages, company profiles, agent profiles, social media video segments, corporate videos, and video testimonials
Motion Graphics
Explain complex ideas in the simplest way possible and provide an immediate and visually engaging way to communicate with your audience.
360 Video
Requires multiple cameras, all filming simultaneously, to work. Real estate and tourism industries use this technology to show locations like never before.
3D Logo Animation
A great way to bring your company identity to life with an animation, a key step in preparing your marketing for a multimedia world.
Aerial Drone Video
Powerful marketing tool to elevate the narrative in your visual storytelling. The capability to capture images from above holds significant value across various industries.
Solid marketing foundations are laid with exceptional photography. We understand that the right image is often the key to capturing the viewer's attention from the beginning.
Script Development
The right words at the right time can make the difference between a connection made or a missed opportunity. Let us craft the words that will best convey your story.
Voice Over
Communicate with professionalism with an intangible sense of quality that is crucial for your product or brand communication.
Social Media Campaigns
Leverage the potency of social media to rapidly enhance your brand visibility. We ensure your business harnesses the full power of social media platforms.

Bring the Power of Video to Your Business

And now we’re ready to help you. Our approach involves tailoring our services to cater to each of our client's needs, bringing significant ideas to your business through design, collaboration, and strategies that connect with the people who matter.


What is Decographic's and Visual Angle Media's experience in video production, and can you provide examples of your past work?

Our partner video production agency, Visual Angle Media, has extensive experience in video production across various industries, including corporate and commercial. Their portfolio showcases a diverse range of projects, from promotional to corporate videos.

What is Visual Angle Media's process for creating a video from concept to final delivery?

The video production process typically begins with a thorough consultation to understand your goals and audience. From there, we develop a creative concept and production plan. During filming and editing, we ensure regular communication and collaboration to bring your vision to life. Finally, we deliver the finished product in your desired format, ready for distribution.

What resources and equipment do you have available for video production?

We invest in state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure the highest quality production value for our clients. From cameras and lighting to editing software, we have everything needed to bring your vision to life. Additionally, our team includes skilled professionals with expertise in every aspect of video production.

How do you handle revisions and feedback during the production process?

We value open communication with our clients. We provide opportunities for feedback at key stages of the production process, allowing you to provide input and make revisions as needed. Our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction with the final product, and we welcome your feedback every step of the way.

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