Video Production

Video is one of the most effective tools to get your message across in a world saturated with information. It can give you an advantage over your competitors and allow your business to stand out.


Reliable, Convenient and Custom Video Production Services in Miami & South Florida.

Producing the right type of video for the right platform can give you an advantage over your competitors and allow your business to stand out in a crowded market. Video engages your audience and brings them closer to your brand. Engaging your audience can create an emotional connection that no other form of media can achieve.

Check Out Some Videos We Have Produced

KOMORI/MBO - Solo Printing

Solo Printing

MBO T800

Regiment Logistics


Pasta e Sapori

Faith Forwarding

Zeki Turbos

Falcon Distribution

Brickell 1550 (1)

Brickell 1550 (2)

Brickell (3)

RCI Construction

Arkray - A1c HPLC

Decographic - GeoLocation AR

I appreciate their quick turnaround times, accuracy, and professionalism.

Frank EspinosaReal Estate Broker

Our drone experts are FAA certified and ready to get to work with your project.

Our professional videographers service all of the Miami, Broward and South Florida area. We capture stunning videos in 4K to promote your products, services, and properties. 

– Construction and building development.
– Company profiles, showcasing facilities or teams at work.
– Residential and commercial real estate
– Insurance companies and public safety
– Conservation efforts and agriculture
– And More!

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Type of Multimedia Services We Offer

Video Production

Bring the power of video to your marketing campaigns, social media pages, company profiles, agent profiles with corporate videos, social media video segments, corporate videos, video profiles, and video testimonials.

Motion Graphics

Tell your story in a visual way and explain complex ideas in the simplest way possible. Motion graphics provides an immediate and visually engaging way to communicate with your audience.

360 Video

There is no better way to bring a location to a viewer than with a 360 video. This technology requires multiple cameras, all filming simultaneously, to work. The real-estate and tourism industries are using this technology to show locations like never before.

3D Logo Animation

A logo animation can help communicate your message more effectively, and give an intangible feeling of what your company is about. It’s a great way to bring your company identity to life with an animation, a key step in preparing your marketing for a multimedia world.

Aerial Drone Video

Aerial drone footage is a great marketing tool to enhance the way you tell a visual story. The ability to capture images from above is of tremendous value to many industries not just real-estate or tourism.


All good marketing begins with good photography. Our team has experience in real estate, clothing and fashion, and product and packaging photography. The right image can be the reason you first attract the viewer’s attention.

Script Development

Creating a coherent narrative that engages the viewer requires an equally coherent, engaging script. The right words at the right time can make the difference between a connection made or a missed opportunity. Let us craft the words and best tell your story for the medium of your choice.

Voice Over

A voice over is often the last element added to any video production, but it can often be the most critical. Communicate with professionalism with an intangible sense of quality that is so important for your product or brand.

Social Media Campaign

Social media is one of the best ways to quickly increase your brand visibility. Decographic will help you tailor the right message to maximize the conversion rates of your social media campaigns. Our team can leverage the power of social media for your business.

Reasons Why Businesses Need Videos


Videos help businesses reach new audiences and attract new viewers to your website and your social media platforms.


Most people learn best through visuals, that’s why video can be an exceptional tool to educate your prospects and new customers. 


Video helps build brand authority and demonstrate expertise. This means that when people search for help on a particular topic, your brand should show up. 


Videos play a critical role in promoting trust and increasing brand equity. We create unique, compelling videos to attract your target market and close sales. 

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