Case Study - Alcas


Alcas has long lead the way in the European food container market before expanding to the United States. The company features an extensive product line, including plastic containers designed and manufactured in Italy and used for products such as pastry, gelato, ice cream, and other food service items. However, with no web presence in the U.S., a move to the U.S. market posed many challenges.

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Executive Summary

When Alcas wanted to enter the U.S. market, the company had no U.S. website. At the time, they had a presence with importers selling to distributors, but they had to pivot to move forward. The gelato market was a saturated market, so Alcas had to change to serve the foodservice industry. That’s where Decographic came in.

Decographic helped Alcas implement an inbound marketing strategy. At the same time, Deco helped build and bolster the online presence for Alcas. The results quickly became evident over the course of three years of Alcas and Deco working together.

Now, Alcas has a sustained online presence. They also have all the marketing material they need to succeed when they attend trade shows.

The Challenge

Decographic began this project with Alcas in June of 2016. Though Alcas had an Italian website at the time, they had no U.S.-based website. Since they wanted to enter the U.S. market, they needed to find a way to build awareness of their company.

Alcas had a presence already with importers selling to distributors when the project began, but they wanted to start operating in the United States. Though Alcas was big in Europe, they had no brand image in the U.S.

How Deco Helped

Decographic helped Alcas face these challenges head-on. First, Deco led the pivot. We built a website from the ground up on WordPress and Hubspot, and we made sure the website was targeted to the food service industry.
Deco also led the way with graphic design aspects of the project. Trade shows demand special materials, and Deco saw to it that Alcas had what they needed through the design and printing of materials for trade shows. This included roll-up banners.
We didn’t stop there. In addition to physical materials, we implemented an inbound marketing strategy for Alcas. Along side Alcas tradeshow presence, Decographic has build organic traffic and engagement from an ideal target audience.
We also trained the Alcas sales team on the Hubspot CRM so they could continue with this strategy.

150% increase in organic search web traffic

With a perspective that combines the European, Latin American, and American points of view, Decographic is able to offer designs that meet their market needs. The team's work has helped convert 40% of leads into customers, and they are patient with non-technical partners.

Luigi TregliaGeneral Manager, Alcas USA

The Results


Decographic has been working with Alcas since they started operations in the United States, and the results show it.
In the three years since Alcas opened their doors in the States, they’ve established themselves firmly in the U.S. market.

At the start of the project, Alcas had no ranking at all. Now they have steady traffic. The results from the middle of 2016 through the middle of 2019 speak to this growth.
In the first year, organic growth sat below 300 per month. In the second year, organic search grew to over 1,000. The third year saw sustained traffic, and it didn’t drop below 1,000.
A 150% increase in organic search web traffic says it all. With marketing results helping to bring in leads, Alcas sits poised for continued success in the United States.

Marketing results are helping bring in leads for Alcas.

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