Case Study
Southeast Computer Solutions


Southeast Computer Solutions provides a unique and valuable service. They build innovative and customized business management software solutions for businesses in the U.S., Mexico, and the Caribbean. However, the lack of a vibrant marketing and social media strategy meant customers in need were not connecting with Southeast Computer Solutions.

Executive Summary

Southeast Computer Solutions came to Decographic seeking to empower their new marketing campaigns. At the time, they had tried using GoogleAdsbut this came with a high cost-per-click. Further, their website wasn’t optimized for search. 

The initial strategy included a contract for eight blog posts a month. This was organized using two posts per week. A target effort to optimize copy on their website to get them ranking lead to clear results. Within the first year, Southeast Computer Solutions doubled its ranked keyword performance. That fostered solid results and consistent growth with their strategy, all while staying within their budget.

The Challenge

The task began in 2018. Deco looked to create new marketing campaigns that would boost Southeast Computer Solutions’ visibility while sticking to their budget. Additionally, the website was not optimized for search.

That’s where Decographic came in.

How Deco Helped

Southeast Computer Solutions looked to Deco to revamp their strategy with new marketing campaigns. We developed a multi-faceted approach that created success for Southwest Computer Solutions.
First, we created a blog posting strategy. A contract included eight blog posts a month, with two scheduled per week. But this was not the only aspect of our strategy to help Southeast Computer Solutions. We also developed targeted campaigns. This included 12 individual campaigns to target different verticals.
We also optimized website content for Southeast Computer Solutions. Before Southeast Computer solutions came to Deco Graphic, their website was not optimized for search. Deco came in to fix their search optimization helping their pages rank for keywords.
Finally, Deco created and implemented a social media strategy for Southeast Computer Solutions. Decographic implemented a monthly content calendar for Southeast Computer Solutions. In today’s busy world, companies need a robust social media strategy to keep customers and potential customers engaged. This helped organize their social media strategy.

Southeast’s Audience increased by over 1000 and their shares have increased by 50%

The Results

The verdict quickly became clear. Within one year, Southeast Computer Solutions had doubled their ranked keyword performance. Solid results and consistent growth came from conservative strategies that built on the company’s strengths.
In the past year, Southeast Computer Solutions saw their audience increase by over 1,000. Additionally, their interactions increased 30%, and their shares increased by 50%. This all lead to a total of 8,000 impressions spread across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Furthermore, we achieved these constant results within Southeast Computer Solutions’ budget.
These tangible results highlight increased engagement for Southeast Computer Solutions so they can help connect customers with their valuable service. Thanks to Decographic, Southeast Computer Solutions’ audience has increased alongside their shares. Marketing results are now constant and within budget. This means that Southeast Computer Solutions can help customers in need with business management software solutions, without worrying about their marketing strategy.

Marketing results are now constants and within budget for Southeast Computer Solutions.

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